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In this week’s roundup, we examine the VineSpring 2018 Winery Benchmark Report, prepare for a possible TTB shutdown, recap 2018 industry updates, explore how wine has influenced the economic landscape, look at 2019 trends according to the experts, and review Napa’s goals for the next few years and the controversy surrounding them.

2018 Winery Benchmark Report

The VineSpring benchmark report takes a look at our current client roster to provide an overview of their performance in 2018. See where VineSpring clients are located, where they ship most of their wine to and how their wine clubs are doing.


What to Expect if TTB Shuts Down this Week

Similar to how 2018 started, unless a federal short-term temporary funding bill passes this week, the TTB could be closed as we enter 2019. The experts at Compli review what happened in the last shutdown and give you best practices for how to deal with compliance issues when the TTB is on furlough.


ShipCompliant End of Year Virtual Seminar Recap

A lot of changes have occurred the alcohol beverage industry in the last year. ShipCompliant reviews all the excitement of 2018 and gives advice on how to prepare for 2019.


How does the Wine Industry Influence Economic Landscape?

Wine has been a part of Western culture for thousands of years. Its relationship with the global economy has shifted over the years, especially since 2016. See how things have evolved and what is expected over the next five to ten years.


How We Will Drink Wine In 2019: Trends According To Winemakers And Pros

Wine can be a barometer for the way we live. What does the way we purchase, drink, produce wine say about us? See what industry experts have to say about how Amerian’s will drink in 2019.


Napa County Presents Goals Through 2022

Earlier this week, the Napa County Board of Supervisors unveiled a draft of priorities for the next three years. Their goals spanned issues like agriculture, housing, transportation, and lifestyle. Read more about the strategic plan and those who oppose who would like to see a few more changes before the plan is put into action.


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