Weekly Roundup | Email Remarketing, Consumer Behavior, Oregon Wine Industry, U.S. Wine Exports, Evolving Wine Buyer

This week's roundup looks at email remarketing strategy, why consumers buy, Oregon's growing wine industry, U.S. wine exports, and the evolving wine buyer.

The Perfect Email Remarketing Strategy for eCommerce 

When it comes to eCommerce marketing strategy, segmenting email lists can have a huge impact on your success. Join a live webinar on Thursday, March 29th at 10am PT to learn tips on how to attain email lists and target your audiences flawlessly and creatively. 


What Is It About Your Products That Makes Consumers Want to Buy Them?

Value is one of the primary emotional triggers that makes people want to buy. When consumers purchase your products they do so because they consider the product has value to them. The idea of what that value is differs from customer to customer and differs according to the situation.


Latest Economic Impact Report Confirms Oregon's Wine Industry Is Expanding

If there’s truth in numbers, and in wine there’s truth, then all three coexist in harmony with the newest economic impact figures. Oregon vintners stimulate $5.61 billion in economic impact to the state, buoyed by robust wine tourism, exceptional wine quality and job growth.


U.S. Wine Exports Total $1.53 Billion in 2017

U.S. wine exports, 97% from California, reached $1.53 billion in winery revenues and 380 million liters (42.2 million cases) in 2017. Golden State exports were down 5.5% in value and 7.9% in volume due in part to the strong dollar, heavily-subsidized foreign wine producers and competitors forging free trade agreements in key markets.


The Evolving Wine Buyer in a Subscription Economy

The consumer, the wine buyer, is evolving and it’s important to keep up. Subscription options have expanded beyond wine to anything from charcuterie to beauty products and pet treats. Those who invest in satisfying the evolving subscription consumer will survive.