VineSpring Weekly Roundup | End the Year with Bang

In this week’s roundup, we explore how to show customer appreciation while boosting holiday sales, the 2018 Wine Harvest Report results, the recently issued TTB circular regarding trade practices, the final Wine Institute workshop in Monterey, and how to know if your winery website is ADA compliant.

How to Turn Holiday Parties into More Sales

A holiday party—whether it’s your own or part of a community event—is a terrific way to show your customers you appreciate their business. But why not host a memorable festive event and boost your holiday sales at the same time?


2018 Wine Harvest Report: Napa Valley Wins with a Slow and Steady Year

After such a tumultuous harvest in 2017, Napa vintners would have been ok with an average 2018. To their surprise, 2018 turned out to be an ideal year for growing grapes with a long, prosperous harvest. Only time will tell but so far, everyone is very optimistic about the 2018 vintage coming out of Napa Valley.


TTB Issues Circular Regarding Trade Practice Guidelines

If you're in the alcoholic beverage industry, chances are you’ve noticed the intensified enforcement of the trade practice violations by the Trade and Tax Bureau (TTB). Trade practice violations are a critical area where the bureau is focusing on both education and enforcement. Despite their increased enforcement, the TTB’s recently released circular still reports widespread violations.


2018 Compliance Workshop - Monterey

This is your last chance to catch the 2018 Compliance Workshop, hosted by Compli, Wine Institute, and FedEx. Come to the Monterey event on December 5th and work with other wineries to stay compliant and pass favorable legislation.


Winery Websites Must Comply With The Americans With Disability Act, But How?

A Brooklyn resident recently opened a lawsuit against fifteen New York wineries for a violation to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) rules. These wineries did not make their sites readable by screen-reading software used by the visually impaired and blind. Read on for more information on who needs to comply and who doesn’t.