Weekly Roundup | It’s All About Relationships

In this week’s roundup, we examine how to boost holiday sales through December, tips for launching an inaugural wine program, how to do holiday marketing on a limited budget, tips for delighting your members, and the possibility of a change to the three-tier system.

Your Guide to Revenue-Boosting December Deals

Holiday shopping doesn’t stop with Cyber Monday and neither should the marketing for your eCommerce store. December holds plenty of opportunity for a winery’s DTC channel. Follow these simple tips to continue to attract shoppers into the New Year.


8 Tips for Launching Your First Wine Program

Launching an inaugural wine program can be daunting. Three first-time wine directors weigh in and share what they learned from implementing their own programs. From juggling inventory, budgeting, and ordering, there are a ton of tasks that you need to make sure don’t fall through the cracks.


Holiday Wine Marketing Tips on a Budget

Let’s face it, many small and medium-sized wineries don’t have a massive budget for holiday marketing. So, how do you make a big splash without creating a huge dent in the wallet? Read on for affordable and easy marketing recommendations that will allow you to reach new audiences and maximize the impact of your holiday promotions.


3 Tips for Wooing Your Wine Club

Don’t let the relationship with your wine club customers fizzle before it barely gets off the ground. Here are some tips to nurture that relationship and encourage a long-term commitment.


Courts Take a Closer Look at Wine Shipping

Over the past few months, the wine industry has been bewildered with unexpected legal judgments relating to the three-tier wine sales system that has been in place in the U.S. since prohibition. Get an overview of the current landscape and what the future implications could be.