Weekly Roundup | How Relevant Will Wine Be in the Future?

In this week’s roundup, we highlight how technology could change the future of allocations, the 2019 Direct to Consumer Wine Shipping Report, an updated version of the Wine DTC Vendor Matrix, a false panic concerning millennials’ disinterest in wine, and expected results for the US Supreme Court ruling.

The Future of Technology and Allocations

Wineries pride themselves on their dedication to customer focus and are rewarded with off-the-charts customer loyalty. Why mess with this method? Well, for one thing, it stunningly inefficient. The Head of Product at VineSpring discusses what she sees as the future of technology and allocations.


2019 Direct-to-Consumer Wine Shipping Report

The 2019 DTC Wine Report has been released! This annual collaboration between Sovos, Ship Compliant’s parent company, and Wines Vines Analytics explores wine shipments from wineries to consumers and gives us a holistic picture of the market.


(re) Introducing The Wine DTC Vendor Matrix

The DTC vendor landscape is always evolving so a refresh of the Wine DTC Vendor Matrix was in store for 2019. See a comprehensive diagram of all of the possible DTC vendors that you have to choose from for everything from compliance to accounting and eCommerce.


Are We Prematurely Panicking about Selling Wine to Millennials?

The recent SBV report warned against an immediate problem if consumption slows and millennials fail to pick up the pace. But has wine ever been the drink of choice for younger generations? This article looks back at wine consumption among different age groups over the past few decades.


US Supreme Court Wine Regulation Ruling Not Expected till June

Challenging a state residency law, the Tennessee Wine & Spirits Retailers Association v. Blair case, was heard in the US Supreme Court last week. Many hope that if the case terminates the residency requirement, that it will open up some major structural changes across interstate wine sales. We’ll have to wait until June to hear the final verdict.