Engaging Consumers Digitally with Women For Winesense

Earlier this summer Women for Winesense gathered at Little Vineyards Family Winery in Glen Ellen California for an educational workshop on website essentials. Women for Winesense is a group dedicated to offering educational programs, mentoring, and networking to wine enthusiasts and industry professionals.  It was a fantastic event from start to finish and the VineSpring team was honored to participate. 

The focus of the event was how to leverage your winery website to engage with consumers in the modern day. As online DTC sales become an essential revenue-driver for tasting rooms, wineries are starting to focus more on how to attract and delight customers online. VineSpring founder, Chris Towt, presented on beverage alcohol DTC sales in today's modern ecosystem.


Here are some of the highlights from Chris's presentation at the event.

Companies like Netflix and Blue Apron, are changing consumer expectations. These popular brands have built custom applications to serve their customers more effectively.

Similarly, new software is emerging in the beverage alcohol industry that is customer-centric. It's becoming easier to create a unique experience for each customer to make their buying process more personalized and streamlined. 

Specialization can be found in all types of software and is essential for connecting with customers. A few of VineSpring's favorite vendors include MailChimp for email marketing and automation, Square for Point of Sale, and Stripe for internet payments. Additionally, Tock is a new player that is building for the beverage alcohol space with their appointment software. 


Marketing automation can make a huge impact on wineries. Marketing automation helps you stay connected with your customers and eliminate repetitive tasks. You no longer have to blindly market to your entire list, you can easily target your campaigns and segment your lists for more effective communications. MailChimp has a great guide for marketers you should check out.

System integrations have become more accessible with well-documented APIs. Connecting 3rd-party services has become common as eCommerce providers are integrating with Zapier, which moves info between your web apps automatically, so you can connect all of your systems. 

Checkout can be complex, but it doesn't have to be. There shouldn't be any barriers between your customers and the sale. Features are now available to ensure better security, multi-device functionality, and the storage of customer purchase preferences to make checkout super simple.

As Chris shared in his presentation to the Women for Winesense group, VineSpring is committed to building a highly scalable product and team. Our goal is to be the best club and allocation management software for the beverage alcohol industry. By empowering customers with choices, an easy path to online purchases, straightforward connectivity to 3rd-party applications, and strong partnerships, VineSpring plans to keep making life easier for wineries and breweries well into the future.

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