Weekly Roundup | Growing Wine’s Digital Shelf Space

In this week’s roundup, we map out ways wineries can leverage their data to delight customers and review a study that looks into what wineries could be doing to attract more customers online. Colorado simplifies its sales tax requirements and we learn ten tactics for retaining existing customers. An in-depth analysis shows how much people spend on booze across America and the Oregon Senate passed bills that supporters hope will protect the region’s brand identity.

How Wineries Can Leverage Data

Without a formal analytics infrastructure, even the tiniest winery can still glean actionable insights out of their data. Read about three ways wineries can leverage data and make it work for their business and their customers.

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Are You Selling Enough Wine Online? Status of Digital Marketing Strategies of U.S. Wineries

The number of people in the US who do their shopping online is rising, but a smaller percentage purchase wine online. Is it just the hassle of alcohol shipping that keeps buyers away or is there more that wineries could do on the digital marketing front?

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Colorado Simplifies Sales Tax Requirements in Advance of June 1 Start Date

On May 31st, the  “grace period” for complying with Colorado’s new sales tax laws comes to a close. Learn more about the laws and regulation changes that Colorado passed during this time that simplify the requirements and establish new permanent rules.

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10 Ways To Keep The Customers You Already Have

Retaining existing customers is up to five times less expensive than attracting new ones. Read on to learn ten tips to help keep your existing customer base happy.

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How Much Do People Spend On Alcohol? An Analysis Shows How Much People In U.S. Cities Spend Over A Lifetime

Obviously, some cities are more expensive than others but you might be surprised to see which cities spend the most and least on alcohol. While the average number of drinks per person in each city is fairly close, the cost can be drastically different.

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Senate Passes Bills Protecting Oregon Pinot Noir Identity, Grape Regions

Recently, the Oregon Senate passed three bills meant to protect the brand identity of Oregon pinot noir wines and the specific regions where these grapes are grown. These bills are likely to get approval by the house and supporters are hoping that it puts an end to misrepresentation on labels.

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Andrea Steffes-Tuttle