Weekly Roundup | Technology Unleashes New Opportunities for Wineries

In this week’s roundup, learn the benefits of using hub-and-spoke technology to power your winery’s DTC channel and see how retailers have made online wine more affordable in California. Augmented reality opens up engaging possibilities for wine marketers. TTB has ramped up their enforcement and Free the Grapes is encouraging wine-shipping advocates to contact legislators with their support for Alabama DTC shipping.

The Benefits of Hub-and-Spoke Technology

As a winery, you shouldn't sacrifice your customer’s excellent experience or settle for average as a result of your choice of software. Learn the benefits of having all of your systems talk to one another, and each of those technologies contributing their industry best to the winery's overall experience.

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Buying Wine Online–Now More Affordable in Sonoma and Napa Counties

California retailers have taken steps to make it more affordable for Sonoma and Napa customers to purchase wine online and have it delivered quickly. See how Raley and Bottle Barn made it happen.

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It’s Alive! Augmented Reality Brings Labels to Life

Augmented reality (AR) is the new QR code. By adding digital elements to a live view, AR brings viewers into a hidden world. For wine marketers, this is a huge step forward in creative customer engagement.

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Public Service Announcement: The TTB is Stepping Up Enforcement

The federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) is on the prowl and looking for rule breakers. Don’t expect to get off easy. TTB is aggressively handing out harsh consequences that the beverage alcohol industry hasn’t witnessed in the past.

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Free the Grapes Alabama: Clear the Way for Winery Direct Shipments

Alabama is one of five remaining states that prohibit direct winery-to-consumer shipments. Two new bills introduced in April could change everything. Wine-shipping advocates are encouraged to contact their legislators in support of Senate Bill 274 and House Bill 350.

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