Weekly Roundup | Harness Inspiration Beyond Your Industry

In this week’s roundup, we lay out a roadmap on how wineries can rewire their clubs to compete with elevated service levels seen outside of the industry. A digital marketing scorecard shines a light on how tech-savvy the wine industry is and Drizly uses its database to make drink predictions for the season ahead. Florida residents can now order and receive wine from out-of-state retailers and the Little Urban Winery puts the theory, “a rising tide lifts all boats,” into practice. 

Modernizing Your Wine Club

The wine club concept has been around for decades, but a lot has changed in the past few years. It’s time for the wine industry to step it up with a sophisticated level of service that will exceed buyers' expectations. 

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Crafting a Digital Marketing Scorecard for the US Wine Industry

With 80 percent of consumers now shopping online, how much progress has been made in the wine industry? Wine Business Institute of Sonoma State University and SommDigital teamed up to craft a scorecard for wine industry digital marketing practices. See where the wine industry excels and where more work is needed. 

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Drizly Shares Fall Market Predictions For Beer, Wine, Cider, Seltzer and Whiskey

Drizly, who connects local beverage alcohol retailers to consumers, is sharing their data to predict top drink trends for the upcoming season. See what beverages are hot and which ones are at risk for plummeting sales as the weather cools off. 

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Wine Spectator: Wine Shipping Advocates Mount A New Push

Wine retailers rejoice—Florida residents can now order and receive wine from out-of-state retailers through common carriers. The Sunshine State is the third most populous state in the US and represents a huge market for alcohol sales. See the details.

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The Little Urban Winery That Rocked the Big Wine World

The Little Urban Winery has turned the traditional direct-to-consumer model upside-down by launching worldwide campaigns for underdog grape varieties, promoting not only their wine but competitors too. See where their collaborative idea came from and how it’s transformed their business. 

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Andrea Steffes-Tuttle