Weekly Roundup | Modern Business in the Wine and Craft Beverage Industry

In this week’s roundup, allocated wineries excel at customer service but are held up with inefficiencies. What does the future look like? The wine industry has forever changed small Oregon towns and the grape harvest has officially begun in Napa. Craft brewer cans are getting larger for good reason and more people are pairing alcohol with their workouts. Lastly, Alabama is still on the brink of becoming the next state to allow beer and wine shipments.

The Future of Technology and Allocations

Customers are the center of a winery’s world and each of you has your own special formula to make customers feel valued. Highly-allocated wineries seem to represent the pinnacle of this focus which often yields off-the-charts customer loyalty. The only problem is, that it’s stunningly inefficient. 

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Grapes of Change: How the Wine Industry Has Transformed Oregon’s Economy

People used to think that grapes wouldn’t grow in the Northwest. These days small Oregon farming towns have been transformed into classy winery hot spots. See how this transformation has transformed Oregon’s economy. 

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2019 Harvest Begins in Napa Valley

It’s official, the Napa Valley Grapegrowers has kicked off the fall harvest in Napa Valley. With favorable conditions in the valley over the past thirty days, and an overall incredible growing season, everyone is hoping for the best. 

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Why Craft Brewers Are Turning to Large-Format Cans

Size does matter when it comes to selling packaged beer. Some areas, like Chicago, forbid the sales of containers that are 16 ounces or less so beer manufactures are going bigger. The sale of these larger cans represents a small but growing segment of the overall craft beer market. 

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Beer Yoga, It’s a Thing

Wine hikes, beer yoga, and Tequila stretch are “a thing.” Pairing alcohol with activities isn’t a new thing (think Pimm’s cup while watching Wimbledon and beer at bowling alleys) but the new craze is aimed at working out. See why this pairing continues to flourish. 

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Will Alabama Residents Soon Be Allowed to Have Wine and Beer Delivered to their Door?

Earlier this week at the Alabama state house, lawmakers met to discuss having Alamaba become the latest state to allow shipments of wine and beer to consumers. There is no clear answer as they could not find common ground on how many bottles a person can have shipped, taxation, and safeguards to minors.

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Andrea Steffes-Tuttle