Weekly Roundup | Holistic Marketing Event, VineSpring Team Bonding, Canned Wine, U.S. Wine Sales Facts, and Brewer Regulation Concerns

In this week’s roundup, we discuss the upcoming WINE WOMEN’s Holistic Marketing event, the recent VineSpring mountain retreat, the staying power of wine in cans, surprising U.S. wine sales facts, and ongoing regulation concerns for brewers.

WINE WOMEN Hosts “Holistic Marketing,” on September 26th

WINE WOMEN is kicking off their Fall Marketing Series with the Holistic Marketing Event. Join them and a panel of advertising and PR experts for wine, light nibbles, and tips on communicating your brand through all aspects of your marketing strategy.


We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

The VineSpring team, spread throughout the country, got together this summer and it was a trip to remember! Learn more about our diverse team and how we ended up bonding and talking business in the mountain air of Breckenridge, Colorado.


Why Wine in Cans ‘is Not a Fad’

It doesn’t look like canned wine is going anywhere. On the contrary, the sale of canned wine rose 43% over last year. With portability as a huge benefit and increasingly more options, expect to see aluminum-capsulated wine on shelves for the long-term.


U.S. Wine Sales: Five Surprising Facts

After combing through Nielsen's retail analysis data in the latest edition of Wine Business, Mike Veseth, Wine Economist, discovers some surprising facts about wine sales in the United States.


Hopped Up On Regulations: 5 Ongoing Concerns for Brewers

The beverage alcohol industry has to operate with a certain amount of uncertainty. ShipCompliant lays out some of the bigger uncertainties affecting the industry, and specifically,  how they affect beer producers and the sale and distribution of beer.