Weekly Roundup | K & M Wines, Digital Wine Labels, Self-Driving Cars, the Rise of the Oregon Wine Industry, DTC in South Dakota

In this week’s roundup, we look at a profile of K & M Wines, the importance of wine labels, the impact of self-driving cars on the wine industry, Oregon’s explosive growth, and changing alcohol laws in South Dakota.

K & M Wines 

From its conception, K & M Wines has focused on connecting with customers and creating personalized experiences. See how this small Oregon winery uses technology to grow their DTC business while keeping true to their roots.


Wine Marketers Share Secrets For Labels That Effectively Blend Digital And Sensory Worlds

Fierce competition has significantly increased the ability of wine labels to sell wine over the last few decades. These labels are now seen as brand ambassadors, and flashy storytelling through augmented-reality has proven to increase sales dramatically.


How Self-Driving Cars Will Change The Wine Industry

The wine industry has already embraced artificial intelligence for 360 vineyard views and facial recognition. See how self-driving cars can add to the marketing support and the overall winery experience.


On the Up and Up and Up

The Oregon wine industry has been exploding in the past few years. Read the Oregon Wine Press' report on what soaring Pinot sales and rising wine tourism mean for the region.


Solicitors Will No Longer Need To Be Licensed In South Dakota

South Dakota has been cleaning up their alcohol laws in a big way. One of the most significant changes no longer requires salespeople to be licensed.