Weekly Roundup | Trending DTC Data, Kentucky Passes Out-of-State Shipping, Improved Online Presence, Digital Marketing Strategies

In this weeks roundup, we look into emerging trends in DTC data by region, new laws in Kentucky open up out-of-state shipping for wine and spirits, tips to improve your online presence, and the importance of a digital marketing strategy for your brand.

Direct-to-Consumer Wine Shipping: Napa County overcomes adversity, while Sonoma County and Oregon drive growth in the channel

ShipCompliant does a deep dive into trends found while analyzing DTC wine shipping data by region. While Napa is still king, there's strong growth in other areas. See the key takeaways and know where your region stands.


Kentucky Passes New DTC Law

Things are changing in Kentucky! Perhaps encouraged by the state’s strong bourbon industry, Kentucky Governor Matt Brevin recently signed a bill allowing DTC shipments of distilled spirits and wine out of state.


Tips to Improve Your Online Presence

When you establish your business online with a website, it’s not a one-and-done deal. The Wine Industry Advisor give tips on what wineries need to do to maintain their online presence and keep it fresh.


Why your Wine Brand Needs a Digital Marketing Strategy

The internet makes the world a smaller place and with over 9000 wine brands competing for attention in the US alone, how can you make your brand stand out? The experts over at DTC Wine Workshops give some pointers on how to implement an effective digital marketing strategy.