The New and Improved VineSpring

We’re excited to announce that the new and improved VineSpring is here. 

The team has worked hard and in close collaboration with our clients to create a new and improved version of the platform to power the future of the craft beverage business.

Our upgraded system is the most connected and flexible eCommerce, allocations, and club management software available.

Some highlights of the new version of VineSpring include:

Custom Clubs

Now club members can customize their upcoming shipment with ease, through your website. This provides a better experience for club customers and an easier release process for your team.

Improved POS Connection

Square and VineSpring have had the capacity to connect for about a year now, but we’ve worked to enhance the connection. Our upgraded integration with Square Point-of-Sale syncs your online and in-person orders for a complete view of your customer so that you can connect your sales from offline to online more seamlessly.

Marketing Automation

We are big fans of MailChimp. They are the best in email marketing, lead generation, and automation for small business. We’re excited to share that we’ve improved our connection to MailChimp so that our customers are in a better position to take advantage of MailChimp's tools and product improvements.

Flexibility and Connectivity

Over the past few months, we’ve talked a lot about the hub-and-spoke model. We believe that business’ ability to select and connect the best systems for their organization is crucial. The new VineSpring platform is built to be a flexible platform—our API and Webhooks enable you to connect to just about any other software system you want to use to power and grow your business.

Learn more about our partners and connections here >>

If you want more information or if you're looking for a platform to power your DTC program, let us know. We’d love to answer your questions and see if the new VineSpring is right for you.