Weekly Roundup | Summertime is the Perfect Time to Redefine Your DTC Channel

In this week’s roundup, we highlight K & M Wines and how VineSpring helped redefine their DTC process. State and Federal laws restrict auto-renewals in subscription services. Does your club comply? Summer may be slow but it’s the perfect time to prepare for the fourth quarter. TTB announces regulatory relief and Square gives tips on how brands can authentically share their story.

VineSpring Case Study: K & M Wines

While K & M Wines had the majority of their direct-to-consumer sales rooted in their tasting room, they saw that changing consumer habits were expanding their customer base beyond their local region. See how K & M Wine used VineSpring to streamline their DTC systems and processes.

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Making Sure Your Wine, Beer or Spirits Club Complies with State and Federal Law

Subscription services of all kinds often offer automatic renewals that continue until the customer cancels the agreement. If your wine, beer or spirits club follow this practice, you’ll need to ensure that you comply with the California Automatic Renewal Law.

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Slow Summer Sales Defines Busy Winter Sales

Summer is halfway over and while things may be slow now which is the perfect time to prepare for the busy months ahead. Wineries are encouraged to develop their fourth-quarter sales and marketing plan by the end of August to maximize success.

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TTB Announces Real and Potential Regulatory Relief

TTB recently announced a deregulatory proposal to eliminate the “standard of fill” for wine and spirits and is offering a temporary voluntary disclosure program for wholesalers or importers to correct unreported ownership changes. See how these changes could affect you.

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How to Develop Your Business’ Story and Stand Out

People want to know; why should they buy from you and what makes your brand stand out? Your story is a key component to building a successful brand. Follow these steps to ensure your story feels authentic and creates a consistent message on and offline.

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