Weekly Roundup | New Year, New Rules

In this week’s roundup, we examine your last chance to implement a holiday corporate gifting program, the all-new Wholesale Laws for Wineries portal, an important court decision for wine shipping, the onslaught of consumer data, and new rules for wineries in Napa.

The Art of Corporate Gifts

With the holiday season upon us, you might think that you’ve missed the bus on corporate gifting. Think again. There are a few quick and painless steps you need to take to launch your own program and expand your reach over the holiday season.


Announcing the All New Wholesale Laws for Wineries Site

Compli and Wine Insititute recently announced the new Wholesale Laws for Wineries portal which provides state-by-state compliance information for wineries that sell through the three-tier system. This resource is accessible to all Wine Institute members and works in conjunction with their DTC portal, released earlier this year and available to both members and non-members.


Court Decision Crucial for Wine Shipping

Last week in Illinois there was a surprising ruling by a federal appeals court that could have a head-on impact on direct shipping. The court’s ruling suggests that states should not be able to discriminate against out-of-state retailers when writing liquor laws.


The Explosion of Consumer Data is Changing the Way Businesses Operate

We’re in the middle of a digital transformation as people generate more data daily. The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly growing and collecting data about anything from the milk in your fridge to your music tastes. The challenge is developing sophisticated algorithms that can derive meaning from the data and the ability to keep it all secure.


Napa Adopts New Rules For Non-Compliant Wineries

Earlier this week, the Napa County Board of Supervisors unanimously passed new rules to help wineries become compliant with the provisions of their permits. Non-compliant wineries have until March 29th to comply with these new rules. There are high hopes that these new rules will build consensus and not create further division within the community.