Weekly Roundup | Analyze the Past to Predict the Future

In this week’s roundup, we explore why investing in subscription clubs is excellent for business, what the American wine consumer looks like in 2018, predictions for the year ahead, a regulatory roundup of new California laws, and what the customer experience is really all about.

Investing in Wine Clubs and the Subscription Model is Great for Business

The subscription model provides greater flexibility, adaptability, efficiency, and accountability to your business while allowing for greater convenience, novelty, and affordability to the customer. Plus, subscription-based eCommerce has grown 3000% over the past three years. What are you waiting for?


A Snapshot of the American Wine Consumer in 2018

Every few years the American Wine Consumer conducts a survey to gain insights into US wine consumer preference and behaviors. The results are in! See what motivates people to drink wine and what their shopping behavior is, both online and off.


Five Predictions For 2019

Back in December 2017, Wine Intelligence made a few predictions about 2018. They faired well in their predictions for this year and are ready to make new ones for 2019. Do you agree with their anticipated direction of the wine industry?


California Regulatory Roundup

Strike & Techel Alcohol Beverage Law released their review of the most relevant new provisions of the California ABC Act that were signed into law recently. Take a look at all of the laws that will go into effect starting January 1, 2019.


Customer Experience Isn't A Thing, It's A Feeling

Creating an unforgettable customer experience doesn’t involve questioning, it’s about listening and eliciting feelings. You can learn a lot more about how people feel if you analyze their reactions to uncover their moods, values, and emotions.