Weekly Roundup | Simplifying DTC Wine Technology

In this week’s roundup, Vin Agency creates a custom VineSpring WordPress plugin and VineSpring is hiring a Senior Account Executive. ShipCompliant announces their new Carrier Compliance Portal in collaboration with FedEx and recent data shows what types of wine Americans are buying. We explore the current state of TTB and and review how wineries can become ADA compliant.

Vin Agency Creates a Custom VineSpring WordPress Plugin

Using the VineSpring API, Vin created an easy-to-use WordPress plugin for integrating VineSpring into WordPress websites. At a fraction of the cost of a developer, you can use this plugin to connect your systems.

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Sales Executive Job Posting

VineSpring is searching for a Senior Account Executive to join the team. We’re looking for someone thrives in a remote working environment and is ready to jump in and create and manage a pipeline of leads.

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ShipCompliant Announces Carrier Compliance Portal with FedEx

ShipCompliant recently announced their Carrier Compliance Portal which allows wineries to share their state license information with FedEx. With a direct connection, data is shared automatically after it’s uploaded into the portal and reduces lag time due to license expiration.

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How Much Americans Spend On Wine, What They Buy, In What Container— And More

What have American’s been drinking? Review recent data from Wine Vines Analytics/Nielsen to see where people have been putting their dollars. From wine varietals to types of vessels, this report puts the last twelve months of wine consumption into perspective.

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about TTB Investigations but Are Afraid to Ask

Robert Tobiassen, former Chief Counsel of TTB, gives his observations on the current state of TTB and the pending national trade enforcement investigations. Learn how investigations are funded and executed, and where you can go to get relief from investigator overreach.

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Wineries Struggle with ADA Website Compliance in Wake of New York Lawsuits

A slew of lawsuits aimed at wineries in New York with violations of the Disabilities Act (ADA) has wineries scrambling to figure out how to make sure their websites are in compliance. VineSpring clients can rest assured that our software is ADA compliant out of the box.

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Andrea Steffes-Tuttle