Weekly Roundup | Social Media for Wineries, US Wine Landscape, Wine E-Commerce, Women in Winemaking, Wine Trends

This week's roundup looks at social media for wineries, the US wine landscape, wine e-commerce, the next generation of California vintners, and the top drink trends of 2018.

“The Purpose of Social Media for Wineries” Webinar 

On Tuesday, March 20 at 1pm PST, Think Wine will host a live one-hour webinar with a goal of making it easier for wineries to determine if they should invest in social media and if so, which social media channels to invest in.


The Rollercoaster of the US Wine Landscape

The US wine industry is perched precipitously atop a rollercoaster – on one of those tummy-turning peaks where you can’t see over the front to anticipate which way you’re lurching next. Wine buying is changing in the US. Fast. Furthermore, it’s changing in many regards, and that is disconcerting to almost everyone on the trade side.


Wine and Spirits, It's Time to Catch Up to e-Commerce

With online grocery sales surging and delivery services like Postmates and Instacart growing, it’s clear that e-commerce has drastically changed the food and beverage space. Customers now expect the same convenience from supermarkets that they do from other retailers. But there’s one vertical that has been slow to catch up to these standards: wine and spirits.


Meet the Next Generation of California Vintners

Wine has long been a male-dominated business—of the more than 3,700 wineries in California, only about 10 percent have a female lead winemaker, according to professors emeritus Lucia and John Gilbert of Santa Clara University’s Women Winemakers research project. But slowly, surely, that paradigm is changing.


These Are the Top Beer and Wine Trends for 2018, According to Whole Foods

If you're wondering about that strangely packaged new drink at the liquor store or the meticulously staged shot of some can on a friend's Instagram feed, wonder no more. Whole Foods brought together its team of beer, wine, and liquor experts to provide a boozy forecast as to what the biggest alcohol trends of 2018 will be.