The Bruery Beer Club Case Study and Special Offer

The Bruery is a boutique craft brewery located in Orange County, CA specializing in barrel-aged and experimental ales. It was founded by Patrick Rue, as a small, friend-and-family-run business in 2008. Patrick picked up homebrewing as a hobby while in law school, and as his hobby evolved into an obsession, he took the risk and started a business instead of taking the California bar exam. They are one of the few breweries that leverage a club and DtC model.

In 2009, The Bruery released Black Tuesday, a big imperial stout aged in bourbon barrels that in its first release landed at 18% ABV. The team had been telling the story of Black Tuesday on the blog, and when release day arrived, there was a huge line outside of the tasting room of people waiting to buy a beer that they had never tasted. This overwhelming interest got Patrick, the owner, thinking that if people line up for a beer they’ve never tasted before, they might want to sign up for guaranteed access to more beers like Black Tuesday. So, The Bruery looked to the wine club model and created their clubs that gave beer enthusiasts a way to sign up for access to exclusive Bruery beers. In 2013, they became a VineSpring customer.

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They offer two different types of membership in the form of “Society’s”. The Preservation Society is a quarterly club that offers members a package with three bottles in it each quarter. The Reserve Society is the beer club that started it all. It provides the choice of three Reserve Society options based on your preference for included beer, promotions, and bottle pickup options on both coasts. Each membership option includes new releases that are exclusive to members, included merchandise and bonus beers from the archives.

- Special Offer -
10% off 2018 reserve society membership

The Bruery is currently offering VineSpring customers and subscribers a special offer on the 2018 Reserve Society. Enter promo code “vinespringfriend” at checkout to save 10 percent off a 2018 Reserve Society membership through November.

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