Weekly Roundup | Trends, Challenges, and New Laws for 2019

In this week’s roundup, we explore evolving customer experience trends, the much anticipated SVB Annual Wine Industry Report, wine issues in the Supreme Court, Tennessee’s unusual liquor laws, and new filing rules for direct shipping to Texas.

Thoughts on 2019 Customer Experience Trends to Follow

As we enter 2019, there are several trends that are applicable to how wineries and breweries think about their business and their customer’s experience. The concept of “experience” isn’t new, but it is always evolving. See how you can make modernize your business’s customer experience to make it unforgettable.


2019 Outlook: The US Wine Industry Will Be Challenged Over the Next Five Years

The 18th Annual SVB Wine Industry Report was released this week! The forecast suggests conditions in 2019 will be similar to the early 1990s except that millennials, now in their higher spending years, aren’t spending on wine the same way baby boomers were. See what this could mean for sales growth in the wine industry.


Wine Spills onto the Docket at the Supreme Court

Until now, the most impactful modern wine case the Supreme Court had ever held was in 2005, Granholm vs Heald. It was decided that states could not discriminate between in and out-of-state wineries. This week, another case hit the Supreme Court concerning this type of discrimination, Tennessee Wine and Spirit Association vs Blair. In this case, sides argue on whether a big box retailer should be allowed to open a location in the state.


Tennessee’s Weird Liquor Law Should Be Struck Down. But Expect More Wine Cases to Come.

In Tennessee, you can’t get a liquor license until you’ve lived in the state for at least two years. Doug and Mary Ketchum moved their family to Tennessee and bought a wine store, not realizing it would create a constitutional uproar. Some hope that this is just the beginning of tackling irrational laws all around the country.  


Texas Introduces New Filing Frequencies for DTC Wine Shippers

Effective January 1st, 2019, direct shippers mailing to Texas residents must file shipping reports either monthly or quarterly, depending on gallons shipped. See the details on how these new rules might affect your business.


Andrea Steffes-Tuttle