Weekly Roundup | VineSpring’s Expanding Team, Vineyards Spared in Wildfires, Wine Sales Trends, New Taxes in Minnesota and Iowa, and White Wine Emojis

In this week’s roundup, we discuss VineSpring’s expanding team, how California vineyards have been spared in the wildfires so far, the latest wine sales growth trends, new sales taxes in Iowa and Minnesota, and a petition to make white wine the newest emoji.

VineSpring Team Spotlight

The VineSpring team is expanding and we’d like to introduce you to our newest member; Senior Developer Matthew Fay! Find out what he’s most excited about, his view on the future of DTC, and his most memorable wine tasting experience.

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Wineries Spared Worst of Record California Wildfire

This year’s wildfire season has already brought California the largest fire in the state’s history, the Mendocino Complex fire. Despite the magnitude of the blaze, there have been no lost vineyards so far.

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Wine Sales To Grow At 6 Percent Per Year; 80 Percent Now Consumed At Home

Younger generations are edging out baby boomers in wine consumption, rosé sales have soared, and off-premises consumption rates have increased as it becomes more trendy to “drink in.” See what other trends are emerging in the alcohol beverage space.

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Minnesota and Iowa Will Begin to Collect Sales Tax from Some Wineries

If your winery sends out more than 100 annual shipments to Minnesota or 200 to Iowa, you’re in for some changes. Compli explains how the economic nexus laws coming into effect in the next few months will affect your business.

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Join The Campaign For A White Wine Emoji By Instagramming These White Wines

Do you ever get the urge to virtually cheers someone with a crisp glass of white wine? Well, you can’t, because the only wine emoji that exists is red. Kendall Jackson has partnered with a few wine partners to launch a global initiative to add white wine to your emoji keyboard.

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