Choosing the Right POS System for your DTC Business

At VineSpring, we know the ins and outs of winery eCommerce, allocations, and club management. And, we recognize that a critical part of your business and DTC program is your tasting room and the sales that happen there. But, instead of trying to make the best point-of-sale (POS) system to support our clients tasting room sales, we’ve chosen to integrate with POS experts who know how to create an excellent in-person transaction experience.

What Constitutes an Excellent Transaction Experience?

Much has been said about customer experience and that experience usually involves technology that is intuitive, easy-to-use, and connected. An in-person transaction should be so simple that your customer barely knows that it happened. And you, at the winery, should be able to connect in-person transaction history to a central customer record so that you have a full picture of your customers and their purchases.

So, how does that happen? Well, you find the best POS system and connect it to your eCommerce and wine club management software. Which is what the team at VineSpring did!

Similar to choosing an email solution, we mapped out what was most important for our clients and their needs. Every piece of software you use in your business should be intuitive, secure, and connect seamlessly to your other systems. We chose Square for our POS integration and would like to share the attributes that we considered as we went on our search.

Easy for Everyone

At VineSpring, one of our mottos is “DTC, simplified.” The truth is DTC isn’t always simple so we’ve made it our goal to tackle complicated problems, automate processes, and create a solution that provides an excellent experience for our clients and their customers.

When it comes to POS, we knew we needed to integrate with a system that provides a quick and easy set-up and an intuitive interface to provide customers with a super simple checkout process. It was also important to us that whatever system we chose, it be one that winery staff can easily use on multiple devices and if trouble arose, that there would be great customer support. The right POS will store all purchases and customer information in a central location, automate things like digital receipts, and collect feedback that can help you make important business decisions.

A lot is depending on your POS, so keeping it simple and organized is important for the short term and the long term. Square shares the VineSpring simplicity pledge and is upfront about their commitment to keeping their system easy for businesses and their customers.

Evolving Solutions

Your business is always changing and the solutions you use need to be flexible enough to keep up. Our goal at VineSpring is to support your growth as your business evolves. Your POS solution should do the same.

Ensuring that transactions can be completed from anywhere and that they can be done on a variety of devices is important to support the flexibility and mobility of your winery business.

Your POS should transform the devices that you already own into sales terminals.

When we went searching for a POS partner, we looked for one that had experts on hand, working hard to advance their technology to improve both your customer’s and employee’s transaction experience. We found that Square is committed to flexibility and they stay nimble enough to adjust to your unique needs.

Trusted and Secure

Keeping payments secure is not an issue to overlook. Your customers trust you with sensitive information and the last thing you want to do is lose that trust. You can’t go with just any POS provider. Make sure you and your customers are protected.

During our research, we discovered that Square was serious about security and is trusted by more than two million business all over the globe. For more details on what Square does to ensure you and your customer’s safety, click here.

Software Within Reach

What would prohibit you from using a software? Likely complicated interfaces, restrictive costs, limited integrations, and intimidating hardware requirements. We feel good about the fact that VineSpring stays clear of all of these and we expect our integration partners to do the same.

Square measured up well to these requirements. We knew keeping costs low was important to our clients but that a transactional fee was unavoidable. Square integrates into VineSpring in practically no time and doesn’t require a software genius to install.

Principles for Good Business

We stick to our core principles when shopping for solutions to partner with —easy-to-use, flexible, accessible, and trusted. We built our business around those principles and encourage you to do the same. Square met our tough expectation and that’s why we recommend them to all of our wineries and breweries for their POS solution.

However, we never stop evaluating new and existing technologies that align with our principles and we suggest you follow suit.

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