Weekly Roundup | Work With (and Not Against) Technology

In this week's roundup, we feature a recording of the webinar that we held with the team at ShipCompliant on the topic of how to adopt DTC technology, affordably. We share how Matthiasson Wines uses VineSpring to grow their online sales and club memberships and Hit the Bottle Podcasts focuses on digital marketing strategies for wineries and breweries. The Texas ABC direct-shipping audit is in full swing; see an example list of questions you could be asked. And, done right, marketing automation can significantly boost revenue for wineries.

Dipping Your Toe Into the DTC Ecosystem: How to Get Started Without Breaking the Bank

Choosing your DTC systems can be overwhelming. Learn from the experts and watch a recorded webinar where they teach you how to identify your business's unique requirements and get prepared for a successful system adoption and data migration. 

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VineSpring Case Study: Matthiasson Wines

In the beginning, Matthiasson stuck strictly to wholesale operations, but after realizing the potential for DTC sales, they started selling on their website and kicked off their wine club program. As their audience grew, so did their need for a more scalable solution to manage online sales and wine club members. See how VineSpring filled that void.

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Digital Marketing Basics

The digital era is here. We all have high powered computers in our pockets and can talk to our thermostats. Why are beverage producers still struggling to make technology work for them? Hear from digital marketing experts and learn how to set up a digital marketing strategy in this week’s Hit the Bottle episode. 

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Get Ready for a Texas A Direct Shipping Audit

Roughly 1,600 companies hold an out-of-state Winery Direct Shipper’s permit in Texas. Are you one of them? The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission has kicked off their audit and plans to send notices to all permit holders. See an example of the type of information you’ll be expected to supply. 

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Automated Wine Marketing Has Potential to Boost Company Revenues by as Much as 50 Percent

Triggered by actions and interests, automated marketing engages customers with personalized messages in real-time, greatly increasing customer satisfaction and positively impacting revenue. Learn how in this article.

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