Weekly Roundup | Canned Wine, Flat Revenue in California, the Subscription Economy Update, Technology Tools for your Business, and Sales Boosting Tactics

In this week’s roundup, we look at the growing market for canned wine, stagnant wine revenue in California, an update from the subscription economy king, technology tools for business growth, and a simple yet critical step for gaining loyal customers.

Canned Wine? Really? Sales are Growing for Portable, Chillable and Down-to-Earth Drinks

Some turn their noses up at canned wine, but no one can deny the dollar growth cans have seen in the last year alone. As canned wine moves from trend to legit category, you might as well throw a can of pinot in your backpack and join the movement.


California Domestic Wine Revenue Successfully Endured A Decade Of Retail Flatness

While domestic wine revenue has been on the rise in California, the state’s market share has dropped. Read up on what could be causing things to remain flat over the last decade.


Zuora CEO Flushed as Even Porta-Potties Move to the Subscription Economy

Tien Tzuo, the CEO of Zoura, has been evangelizing about the subscription economy for years. See what he’s saying now that Zoura has rounded out their first quarter as a public company.


Make Your Business Successful from Day One with These Tools

It may seem like a trivial decision, but the technology you choose to help manage your business makes a significant impact on all levels. From cash flow management to enhancing the customer experience, these tools allow your business to evolve and thrive.


A Simple Way to Boost Sales

Before someone walks out of your winery or brewery, there’s one simple thing you must do. Don’t miss this critical step for attaining increased sales and loyal customers.