Weekly Roundup | Engaging Winery Customers Online, Double Email Open Rates, Cannabis and Wine Under Scrutiny, Growing DTC Sales, Wine Market Report

In this week’s roundup, we dive into steps you can take to keep customers engaged on your winery website, easy ways to increase open rates of marketing emails, the scrutiny befalling both cannabis and wine in Sonoma, tips for growing your DTC sales, and the Wine Market Report projects industry trends.  

Stop the Bounce: 11 Essentials to Keeping Customers Engaged on Your Winery Website

Too many wineries spend way too much time and money on websites that are dysfunctional and turn customers off. Stop missing out on opportunities and download this checklist with easy steps to make your website more welcoming and engaging.  


Five Simple Ways To Double Your Email Marketing Open Rates This Week

Are you tired of sending out marketing emails and only getting a minimal open rate? In this article, a MailChimp expert gives tips on how to increase your email marketing success and maximize your efforts.


Cannabis and Wine, Unlikely Bedfellows Fall Under Similar Scrutiny

Are the lines blurring between cannabis and wine? Sonoma County is losing potential business and tax dollars as cannabis growers head elsewhere in search of less debilitating restrictions. Some fear that the wine industry is under similar scrutiny.


Growing DTC Wine Sales Locally and Digitally: An Interview with Sandra Hess, Founder of DTC Wine Workshops Consulting Agency

See what DTC Wine expert, Sandra Hess, has to say about DTC strategic planning, staff training, wine commerce and best CRM practices.


Wine Market Report 2017-2024 | Latest Trends & Forecast Analysis

The Wine Market Report gages industry growth and estimates future prospects based on extensive research. Forecasting out to 2024, you can be sure to see factors like evolving lifestyle habits and a rising population of people with disposable income shaping the future of the industry.