Weekly Roundup | Rosé All Day, Regulatory Recap, DTC in Louisiana, Brand Loyalty

In this week’s roundup, we explore the thirst for rosé with Jon Bon Jovi and canning wine, regulatory compliance recaps on the federal and state levels, DTC challenges in Louisiana, and tips for creating brand loyalty.

Wine Enthusiast Podcast: Stop and Smell the Rosés

Summer is in the air and rosé is in our glasses! The Wine Enthusiast Podcast interviews Jon Bon Jovi, an aspiring winemaker, and the founder of a company whose goal is to convince wine lovers to drink from cans.


Regulatory Recap: Takeaways from the Mid-Year Beverage Alcohol Compliance Updates Event

From a recent Mid-Year Regulatory Updates event in Paso Robles, Compli recaps the compliance developments at the state and federal levels, plus gives an update on the State Shipping Laws for Wineries portal. 


State Spotlight: DTC Sellers Face Unique Challenges in Louisiana

While it may appear that alcohol regulations are loose as drinks flow freely on the streets during Mardi Gras, Louisiana does have some unique and complex rules when it comes to DTC. Learn the technicalities of Louisiana DTC from ShipCompliant.


Creating Brand Loyalty

Not everyone who walks into your tasting room is going to love your brand, but those who do are extremely valuable. Discover a few tips on creating a brand that people will return to again and again.


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