Weekly Roundup | Connecting with Today’s Wine Buyer

In this week’s roundup, learn how to keep pace in the subscription economy and get a refresher on ADA website compliance. California amends tax rules that will have major implications on wineries selling direct-to-consumer and the D.A.R.E method teaches industry professionals how to meet customers at their level. Lastly, Square gives a few tips on how to optimize promotional marketing emails.

The Subscription Economy and the Evolving Wine Buyer

The wine buyer is changing and it’s important to keep pace. Explore the unique characteristics of the wine-club model, what wineries can do to adapt with the modern wine buyer, and what you can do to position your winery to be successful, far into the future.


How ADA Website Compliance Works – the Steps You Can Take to Protect Yourself, Your Website and Your Social Media from Liability

Wineries and other alcoholic beverage websites have been participating in an on-going ADA regulations battle. While the regulations were passed with good intentions, some argue that they could be administered with a lighter touch. Learn more about how to keep your website compliant and protect your business.

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California Amends Tax Rules for Delivered Sales Affecting Instate Wineries

The Governor of California recently signed a bill that will likely have major implications for wineries selling direct-to-consumers. Get more details on Bill No. 147 and how you can prepare for the upcoming changes.

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D.A.R.E. to Sell: Tips to Increase Sales Through the Tasting Room

The way you interact with guests directly affects your sales. Learn how to use the D.A.R.E acronym (Don’t Assume, Ask Questions, Reach for the Sale, and Explain Benefits) to help you connect with guests on their level.

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5 Effective Ways to Market Promotions

Sales are a highly effective way to attract people to your product. But what’s the best way to communicate your promotion? Square walks you through a few tips on how to put your best foot forward when sending out marketing emails.

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