Weekly Roundup | The Digital Side of the Wine Industry

In this week’s roundup, we review a study on consumer technology use and discuss how personality can drive engagement for craft brands on social media. Women of the Vine & Spirits make steps to make it easier to identify women-owned brands and the VinePair podcast discusses beverage vessels of the past, present, and future. Coming in 2020, the Future Wine Expo plans to combine Silicon Valley tech with wine country.

Study: U.S. Consumers Are Limiting Digital Activities

With a lack of trust between consumers and businesses holding personal data, a large portion of consumers have started limiting their own digital footprints. With confidence fading, businesses must embrace transparency to better meet consumer needs.

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Craft Brands Garner More Social Media Engagement Than Larger Brands In New Study

Good news for the little guys; a new report shows that craft alcohol brands tend to encourage more engagement among followers than larger mass brands. This is a clear sign that the personality of a brand matters when generating momentum on social media and with influencers.

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Women of the Vine & Spirits Launches New Pathways for Supplier Diversity and Market Share for Women-Owned Businesses

Women of the Vine & Spirits announced that their new Corporate Membership benefits will help support women owned businesses and supplier diversity programs in the alcohol beverage industry. The Certified Women Owned Logo and Database makes it easy to identify and support women-owned brands.

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Are Canned Cocktails and Boxed Wine the Way We’ll All Drink in the Future?

Alcoholic beverages come in all kinds of containers these days. In this podcast, VinePair hosts discuss old and new beverage vessels, what the past and present stigma is around them, and what we can expect in the future.


Future Wine Expo Brings New Technology & Wine Together

A new event is launching in 2020 for those who like to mix their wine with technology. To help the wine industry stay current, Future Wine Expo is providing a platform so that wineries can discover new technology opportunities and ways to grow revenue.

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Andrea Steffes-Tuttle