Weekly Roundup | Environmentally-Friendly Wine, a New Wine Destination, the Return of Wine Clubs, Social Media for Wineries, Editorial Tips

In this week's roundup, we explore eco-friendly wine, De Luz as a new wine destination, the return of wine clubs in today’s subscription economy, a winemaker’s guide to social media, and editorial tips and rules for your business.

Wine Enthusiast Podcast: Red, White and Green

In honor of Earth Day, the Wine Enthusiast podcast dives into environmentally-friendly winemaking techniques. They talk to wine industry leaders to get the scoop on wine trends and eco-friendly agriculture in today’s vineyards.


Southern California’s Ambitious New Wine Region

Is De Luz the next hot spot for wine in California? Entrepreneur Heather Petersen is making it her mission to put this hilly region on the vintners' (and wine lovers’) map.


Of Course Wine Clubs Are Back —They’re the Original Blue Apron

Subscription wine clubs aren’t new, but the popularity of other services like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh has brought subscriptions back into the spotlight. Quartzy highlights a few wine clubs that are shaking things up. Dive in even deeper with The Evolving Wine Buyer in a Subscription Economy.


The Winemaker/Winery Guide to Social Media

Wine on Six cuts the crap and lays out some social media guidelines based on real-life instances in the wine industry.


Editorial Stylesheet for Wine Writing

Vin Agency takes copywriting seriously. Here’s how they go the extra mile to ensure they capture the voice of their clients, keep things consistent, and professional.