Weekly Roundup | eCommerce Solutions for Events, Fierce Competition with Wine Delivery Apps, New Hampshire Rejects DTC Applications, Top DTC Sales Growth Practices, and Upcoming Wine Trends

In this week’s roundup, we explore how vintners and associations can sell wine at their events, the increasingly competitive world of wine delivery apps, New Hampshire rejects retailer DTC applications, tips for DTC sales growth, and new trends in the wine industry.

Selling Wine at Vintner & Grower Association Events

Vintner & Grower Associations hosts multiple events each year but it can be a challenge for attendees to purchase the featured wines. This year, VineSpring worked with the Sonoma Valley Vintners and Growers Alliance (SVVGA) to implement an eCommerce solution to allow attendees an easy and convenient way to purchase the wines they loved.


A Crowded Field Of Apps Battles To Deliver Wine Across The U.S.

Amazon’s exit from wine delivery left the doors wide open for a number of national wine delivery services. These tech-savvy companies are in combat with each other while trying to bring more business to the retail sector.  


New Hampshire is Rejecting All Retailer Direct Shipping Applications

Wine retailers shipping to New Hampshire have not been getting good new from the state’s Liquor Commission. All new and renewal applications from retailers are currently being rejected. Read on to find out who they are targeting and why.


Top 10 DTC Sales Growth Practices

One of the biggest new takeaways from this year’s VinQuest 2018 survey is that wine clubs are now the main driver for growth for DTC wineries. The tasting room experience is still important for building relationships that promote sales and loyalty but so is digital engagement.


The 'Next Big Thing' in Wine

During the annual Wine Marketing Council meeting in Napa, the experts discuss new trends emerging in the wine industry. From the impact of cannabis to the categorization of “other” wines, see what they have say.